Sue’s Sock Story

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

(with thanks to Sue Ferenczy
for sharing both the experience,
and the lesson. )
I told the kids goodnight and turned
To close their bedroom door.
But it would not close tight cuz there
Was something on the floor.
A sock had wedged itself right where
That old door met its frame.
I hadn’t noticed it before,
And knew it was to blame.
Then when I picked it up, of course,
The door closed easily.
That’s when I heard the Spirit whisper
Oh, so tenderly -
There is a door He’d tried to close
On something in my past.
But I had wedged it open, and now
It was time, at last,
To clear all the debris away:
Confess, repent…forgive -
Whatever needed doing so
At last I’d finally live
The way that God would have me to;
Contented that He chose
The doors that, in His wisdom, He knew
Needed to be closed.
“Then the Lord closed the door behind them.”
Genesis 7:16b NLT
Lisa DeVinney, June 2013

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