Making a New Path

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

“…the temptation is to keep a foot in both places. 
When you do that, the world-kingdom will slow
your progress in the spiritual realm.”
~ Jennifer Kennedy Dean*
A farmer took his tractor up the same path, every day.
And, in a short time, noticed that the tractor knew its way.
For ruts had formed, and kept that tractor in its daily path.
The only trouble was, they found, as time began to pass,
The ruts grew deep and caused the hitch to drag across the ground.
The only remedy would be to find a way around.
But even when he tried to steer clear of the ruts he’d made,
The wagon that he pulled behind would slip and slide away;
And get caught in the ruts he tried so hard to steer around,
Though he had tried his best to stay up on the higher ground.
So, in his wisdom, that old farmer made a brand new path,
So those old ruts would not bog down his progress toward his task.
And we, as Christians, must beware of our old ruts, as well.
When we ask Christ to change our lives, and in our hearts to dwell,
We’ve got to take a brand new path, or we’ll keep sliding in
Those same old ruts we knew before - that same old life of sin.
God’s given us all that we need for a victorious life;
But it means taking a new path – one where we follow Christ.
Those who are dominated by the sinful nature  
think about sinful things,
but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit
think about things that please the Spirit.”
Romans 8:5 NLT
©Lisa DeVinney, March 2012
Inspired by Pastor Jason Thompson’s sermon illustration, and
*Live A Praying Life, pg. 160.

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