I’ve Seen the Final Score – We Win!

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

“Jesus knew that the Father had given everything into His hands,
that He had come from God, and that He was going back to God.”
John 13:3 HCSB
I turned the ballgame on and saw 
My team was down by 20.
If looking for some cause for doubt,
That score, alone, was plenty.
But that was not all that I knew –
The game was played before.
And I’d happened to catch a glimpse;
I knew the final score.
My team was going to rally,
Pull an upset…win the game.
So I was not concerned by
What I saw in just one play.
You see, knowing the outcome
Would be victory for my team
Made all the difference as I watched
Each new, unfolding scene.
God’s promised us the victory, too!
So when we’re feeling down,
We simply must remember
There awaits for us a crown.
God’s Word includes the final score;
So living out each day
Should not end in discouragement.
God has the final say.
And He says I’m a conqueror
Through His Son, Jesus Christ;
That by His blood I’ve been redeemed,
And have eternal life.
So I can live victorious, now;
I know the score… we win!
For Christ will one day overcome;
And my hope rests in Him.
“…in all these things we are more than conquerors
through him that loved us.”
Romans 8:37
©Lisa DeVinney, May 2013
(based on a Tom Kesinger sermon illustration)

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