Under the Big Umbrella

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

I took my dog out for a walk this morning,
Though it meant dodging several drops of rain.
I didn’t melt, cuz I had my umbrella.
But for my dog, I cannot say the same.
Though my umbrella could have shielded both of us,
She stubbornly pulled out from underneath;
Her fur so thick she couldn’t feel the raindrops.
But we got home, and she was wet, indeed.
She hates to be toweled off; but had to do it,
Or skin infections quickly could ensue.
If she’d just stay beneath my big umbrella,
That’s something we just wouldn’t have to do.
So here’s a thought: God’s got a big umbrella –
His carefully penned thoughts within His Word.
Those “rules” are there to lovingly protect us.
But we act like they’re utterly absurd.
We pull away, and sense no consequences.
But maybe that’s because we’re too thick-skinned;
No longer listening to the Spirit’s whisper,
No longer sensitive to our own sin.
And when that happens, God will bring the towel out;
Start scrubbing so the sin can be removed.
And when He does, our hearts must be repentant,
As He is there to lovingly reprove.
If we’d just stay beneath His big umbrella,
We’d save ourselves some heartache and some pain.
Cuz His umbrella’s plenty big to shield us,
If we’d just have the sense to dodge the rain.
“You are my refuge and my shield;
I have put my hope in your word.”
Psalm 119:114 NIV
Lisa DeVinney, June 2013

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