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“I cried with the sky, cried over all of my wet stuff.
And yes, it was just stuff. It will be stained, is all.
Storm-stained but not destroyed.”
~Jennifer Dukes Lee*
The rain fell in great torrents as
The world lay fast asleep;
And in its wake left pools of water
Cold, and dark, and deep.
And as he stood there on the steps,
She saw it in his eyes –
The flood had reached her treasure trove
Of memories from their lives.
She cried then with the sky, while sifting
Through remembered years;
As time now lay before her, stained
By both the rain and tears.
But that was all, she realized;
The storm had only stained
The stuff she’d packed away – but not
The memories… they remained.
For storms will sweep through, now and then;
And sometimes claim our things.
But they can’t wash away the joy
That life in Jesus brings.
When He’s our greatest treasure,
Earthly loss can count as gain
That cannot be destroyed or lost
When storms bring down the rain.
“Don’t collect for yourselves treasures on earth,
where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.
But collect for yourselves treasures in heaven...”
Matthew 6:19-20 HCSB
Lisa DeVinney, June 2013

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