How Do I Say Goodbye? (from her)

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

How do I say goodbye, Lord?
How do I let her go?
The one whose eyes and smile I share,
The one who watched me grow;
The one who tucked me in at night
And sang those soothing songs;
Who loved me when I misbehaved,
Then taught me right from wrong.
She tied my hair in pigtails, Lord,
And made that lovely dress;
She kissed away the hurts and pains.
Back then I never guessed
What depth of love my mom could have,
What sacrifice she made;
But now that I’m a mom myself,
I’ve walked the path she laid.
I’ve grown to love her more, Lord
As more like her I’ve become.
And now You say it’s time to let
Her rest from all she’s done.
I know that she was hurting, Lord,
And ready to be free.
But it’s so hard to say goodbye…
I’ll miss her here with me.
Remember, child, I said goodbye
To My beloved Son;
Knowing all He would endure,
The suffering that would come.
I know the pain of letting go;
The longing to hold near
This one you’ve loved with all your heart,
For whom you shed this tear.
But now you need to trust Me
For I love your mother, too...
So much - I gave My Son for her;
Just like I did for you.
So trust Me now, my dearest child,
To keep her in My love;
Until you join us here, one day,
In Heaven up above.
Where once again you’ll feel her arms
In love and strength enfold you.
That emptiness will pass away,
As she and I will hold you.
But until then keep looking up
To Me for sweet release.
For I am Hope and Strength and Love
And Life and Joy and Peace.
©Lisa DeVinney, April 2007

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