A Thanksgiving Prayer

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

It’s with a thankful heart, today,
We lift our praise to Thee.
For Thou art worthy, Father God,
Of all the praise we bring.
Should every nation, race, and tongue
Join with the angel bands
To sing our praises, Lord, to Thee,
With lifted hearts and hands,
We would not even breach the breadth
Of all Thy majesty.
For Thou art God, hast always been,
and ever more shalt be.
With grateful, humble hearts then, Lord,
We praise Thy glorious name;
Thy wondrous works in all the earth
We joyfully proclaim.
And with our minds, and hearts, and souls,
And all that we have left,
Our praises, Lord, shall rise to Thee
As long as we have breath.
“That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving,
And tell of all Your wondrous works.”
Psalm 26:7 NKJV
©Lisa DeVinney, November 2012

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