I Do…Forever

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

When I said “I do,” I meant forever.wedding
When I said, “I will,” it’s for all time.
And when this old earth fades, and time’s forgotten,
A part of you will always still be mine.
‘Cause when I say, “I love you,” that means always;
Yes, even in the struggles we’ve been through.
For I have learned, as we have grown together,
That I am even more in love with you.
And then, those moments when we’ve shared the joy
Of blessings God has showered in our lives,
There’s nothing like the way you touch my heart
When I can see, “I love you,” in your eyes.
I may not say those words often enough;
But through the years, I hope you’ve seen it’s true.
So please don’t ever wonder if I love you;
‘Cause this is me, now, telling you, “I do!”
“Love never fails…”
1 Corinthians 13:8
©Lisa DeVinney, April 2011

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