But Oh, the Grace…

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

I’d grown emboldened in my careless sin.
I’d crossed that line, and dared to enter in
Where God had said, “This is not best for you.”
But then the tempter whispered, “That’s not true…”
So gingerly, I’d stepped over that line;
Then bolder, still - the tempter’s hand on mine.
The fruit of sin was fine to look upon.
It tasted sweet. And so I had pressed on;
And heard the tempter ‘s voice hissing again,
“See, God’s been holding out on you, my friend.”
But in that moment, I saw Jesus rise;
A fresh wound from betrayal in His eyes.
For I’d let Satan sway me, once again;
And lost a battle God and I could win.
Then suddenly, my heart was grieved to know
That I had hurt my precious Savior so.
The hands He held outstretched still bore the signs
Of where sin’s pain had pierced Him… sins of mine.
Yet there He was, His arms opened for me.
Amazing love! My God, how can it be?
For times I’ve grown emboldened in my sin;
But oh, the grace that reached me, even then.
“But where sin increased, grace increased all the more,
so that, just as sin reigned in death,
so also grace might reign through righteousness…”
Romans 5:20b-21 NIV
©Lisa DeVinney, January 2014

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