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My vacuum wasn’t picking up
What Tuli left behind.
So I took it apart, and I
Was not surprised to find
That every crevice possible
Was clogged up with her hair.
So though the thing was running, we
Weren’t getting anywhere.
So as I spent an hour pulling
Clumps of dog hair out,
My mind considered lessons that
This clog might be about.
You see, our hearts can get clogged up
With sinful residue
Which makes it hard for Jesus’ grace
And mercy to flow through.
When we sense there’s a blockage
Then it’s time to hit our knees,
And ask the Lord to purge from us
Unrighteous thoughts and deeds.
He’s promised to forgive and cleanse
When we confess our sin.
Then with those clogs fully removed,
We’ll be useful, again.
“God, create a clean heart for me
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Restore the joy of Your salvation to me,
and give me a willing spirit.”
Psalm 51:10,12 HCSB
©Lisa DeVinney, January 2014

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