The Child I Never Met (for those who have lost a child in miscarriage)

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

You are the child I never met, but for a time you grew
Within my body and my heart. Till then I never knew
How quickly life and love could grow. So with excited hands,
We started making room for you…But God had other plans.
For in His mercy, grace and love, He brought you home instead;
And left us with an empty crib…So many tears were shed.
You never sorrowed, never cried, and never shed a tear.
You never had to suffer any pain that we know here.
And for that, I am grateful; but then, missing you, I grieved;
With empty arms and broken heart, it was hard to believe
That God was in control, and that His plan for me was best.
But through the years I’ve come to see our lives are truly blessed.
And now that time has passed a bit, I wonder how you are.
And feel like heaven, with you there, is really not so far.
I wonder if your eyes are brown, or maybe crystal-blue;
And if they dance each time you speak, the way your Daddy’s do.
I wonder if your hair is golden-blond, or maybe brown;
And if your lips, each time you smile, turn just a little down.
I wonder if you’ve met your great-grandparents, who are there;
And whether there are mem’ries of your dad and me they’ve shared.
I wonder if you ever take the time to think of me;
And what it would have been like to, just once, sit on my knee;
Feel my embrace, that mother’s touch; or look into my eyes.
I wonder if you listen when your little sister cries.
I wonder if I’ll know you when I see you that first time;
And if our Heavenly Father will be standing by your side;
As I, at last, will understand what He already knew…
That life with Him is wonderful, and it was best for you.
But till then, I’ll look up at night into the starry skies,
And wonder if you’re looking back, through perfect, heavenly eyes.
I’ll ask the Lord to keep you close beside Him as you stay
At home with Him in heaven, where I’ll join you both one day.
by Lisa (Kesinger) DeVinney, April 2007

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