Not Like the Steam

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

This morning as I slowly sipped my steaming cup of tea,
I watched its wispy vapor rise, and this thought came to me:
I was about to spend a little quiet time in prayer,
Anticipating that the Lord would surely meet me there.
But what if, like the steam, my prayer should quickly disappear
Before it even reached the height of Heaven’s listening ear?
Then ere my mind could even finish pondering that thought,
The Holy Spirit whispered sweet the answer that I sought.
He knows the burdens of my heart before I start to pray.
Before I even form the words, He knows just what I’ll say.
He hears the praises I will bring. He knows the sorrows, too,
Because He is not far away, but dwells in me and you.
The only time God does not hear is when sin blocks the way.
But He has said when I confess, He’ll wash that sin away.
Then fellowship will be restored, so I can go to Him
Sharing the things upon my heart, and list’ning once again;
Assured my prayers will not be like the steam that disappears;
But will instead be reaching God’s attentive, gracious ears.
“Call to Me, and I will answer you…”
Jeremiah 33:3a NKJV

©Lisa DeVinney, February 2015

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