When God Writes “Grace” in the Sand

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“‘this woman was caught in the act of adultery…’
But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger.
‘Woman… Has no one condemned you?
‘Then neither do I condemn you,’ Jesus declared.
“Go now and leave your life of sin.”
John 8:4-11 NIV
“God has the right to condemn us,
but He has chosen not to throw stones.
He bestows grace and love despite what we have done,
because His very nature is love.”
*Priscilla Shirer
In holiness, God has the right
To throw damnation’s stone.
But when we’re caught in sin, and Satan
Drags us to God’s throne,
Instead of picking up a stone,
God offers us His grace.
And with His hand of mercy writes
“Forgiven” in sin’s place.
It’s not that God excuses sin;
But when it is revealed
God’s aim is not to crush us, but
That we’d be cleansed and healed.
So if the voice you’re hearing says,
“There’s just no hope for you,”
And offers only condemnation,
Here’s what you can do –
Immediately recognize
It’s Satan’s voice, not God.
For Satan’s the Accuser,
He’s a liar and a fraud.
Just take that sin to Jesus,
He already paid its price.
And He’ll forgive, and offer you
A full, abundant life.
He won’t be picking up a stone;
His hands are filled with grace.
So run to Him, let go the guilt.
There’s favor in His face.

“Do not be afraid;
you will not be put to shame…”
Isaiah 54:4 NIV
©Lisa DeVinney, March 2015
Priscilla Shirer, Discerning the Voice of God (Nashville, TN: LifeWay Press), pg. 71.
Week 4, Day 2

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