He’s Everything to Me

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

Almighty God. Jehovah. Savior.
Pure and spotless Lamb.
Creator of the universe.
The only, great I AM.
The Alpha and Omega.
The Beginning and the End.
The Bread of Life. The Vine. The Door.
My Master. Teacher. Friend.
The Loader-up of benefits,
And Giver of good things.
Oil-Pourer. Joy- Restorer.
Glorious King of kings.
Abba Father. Advocate.
Sustainer of the weak.
Chain Breaker. Peace Maker.
Blesser of the meek.
Star Namer. Lion Tamer.
Singer over me.
Dream Weaver. Fountain Cleaver.
God who hears and sees.
Defender and Deliverer.
The Way. The Truth. The Life.
The Bridegroom. The Anointed One.
The Rock. The Word. The Light.
Mountain Framer. Sea Restrainer.
Rider on the wind.
Giant Slayer. Ransom Payer.
Pardoner of sin.
Burden Bearer. Yoke Sharer.
Tender to my cry.
Throne Preparer. Breach Repairer.
Dayspring from on High.
Healer of the broken hearted.
Opener of wombs.
Promise Maker. Vengeance Taker.
Vanquisher of tombs.
Comforter. Redeemer. Helper.
And my Hiding Place.
Sea Divider. Need Provider.
Lavisher of grace.
Fashioner of beauty out of
Ashes that remained.
Lion out of Judah that
Will not be cowed or tamed.
Mountain Shaker. Seal breaker.
Calmer of the waves.
Veil Render. Lightning Sender.
Lengthener of days.
Setter up of kings and kingdoms.
Raiser of dry bones.
Drier-up of river beds.
And precious Cornerstone.
A Father to the Fatherless.
My Refuge. Strength. And Shield.
My very present Help in trouble.
By His stripes I’m healed.
He’s my Companion through the fire.
Shelter in the flood.
My God-in-flesh with Servant heart.
And holy, righteous Judge.
The Sun of Righteousness who comes
With healing in His wings.
And in the desert makes a way
For clear, refreshing springs.
My Intercessor. Counselor.
The Writer of my name.
The God who was, and is, and will
Forever be the same.
The Lord of lords. The Prince of Peace.
My all-Sufficiency.
My Guide. My Portion. And my Hope.
He’s everything to me.
My prayer is that these won’t be mere words. But that through them I will come to know My God better: to know His character, and learn to recognize His voice. And find that He is indeed everything!
©Lisa DeVinney, March 2015

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