Divine Indulgence

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

As I kneel by my bed for time in prayer,
I feel my precious Father meet me there.
And, in the silence, hear Him softly say,
“You are My child; indulge yourself, today!
“Pour out your heart to me; and in My name
Ask what you will. Our hearts are now the same.
And I desire to lavish upon you
Your heart’s desire; as Fathers love to do.”
Oh, dare I, Lord, reveal what’s on my heart?
I fear I wouldn’t know just where to start.
And yet, I hear you say it, Lord, once more,
“Indulge yourself…see what I have in store.”
Then, overwhelmed that He would love me so,
I close my eyes and smile, for now I know
What I will ask; for now I plainly see –
Lord, I would have what You would have for me.
“and God said, ‘What do you want?
Ask, and I will give it to you!’”
1 Kings 3:5b NLT
©2012 Lisa DeVinney

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