I Surrender It All

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

“Father, here is my will…I chose to lay it down
and not settle for anything less than Your wonderful will.”
~ Jennifer Kennedy Dean*
Lord, here’s my will, surrendered now to Thee.
I choose to lay it at Thy precious feet;
And find my hands now free to take up Thine.
Yes, Thy will, Lord, to take the place of mine.
And never will I settle, Lord, for less.
For I have found Thy will and way are best;
That in Thy time, Lord, Thy will shall be done
To glorify Thy precious, holy Son;
And to work out the best, oh Lord, in me.
Here Lord…I give my stubborn will to Thee.
“…nevertheless not my will,
but thine, be done.”
Luke 22:42
©Lisa DeVinney, February 2012
*"Live a Praying Life," pg.62. newhopepublishers.com

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