God with Me

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

There You are, my God and King,
Upon Your Heavenly throne.
And here am I, Your humble child
On earth below…alone.
And yet, I am before Your throne,
Now sitting at Your feet.
And all the while, You are here –
Immanuel, God with me.
We are together, You and I,
At once both here and there
As You attend to every thought
I whisper soft in prayer.
How sweet to have You draw me closer
To Your throne of grace,
Where I can fall into Your arms
And rest in Your embrace,
Knowing that I am Your beloved,
And that You are mine;
And that the hand that covers me
Is none other than Thine.
“You understand my thoughts from far away…
You are aware of all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue,
You know all about it, Lord.
You have encircled me;
You have placed Your hand on me.
This extraordinary knowledge is beyond me.”
Psalm 139:2-6a HCSB
©Lisa DeVinney, June 2015


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