Loving Those Prickly People

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

I am compelled by the love of Christ
To love the thistles in my life.
Prickly though they’ll sometimes be,
I have Christ’s Spirit within me;
Which says, “Just love them, anyway,
Despite what they might do or say;
As I loved you when you were still
A thistle, running from My will.
It’s not an easy task, I know,
To love someone who hurts you so.
But maybe, child, your love will be
The spark that draws them back to Me.”
So help me, Lord, to love, today,
In Your forgiving, tender way.
I’ll do it for You; and yet, I see
A blessing’s waiting there, for me.
“But I tell you: Love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you…
If you love those who love you, what reward will you get?
Are not even the tax collectors doing that?
And if you greet only your brothers,
what are you doing more than others?
Do not even pagans do that?”
Matthew 5:44-47 NIV
©Lisa DeVinney, October 2008

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