Please Mend Them

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

With broken hearts and lives shattered
Beyond all hope, I’ll send them.
I’m asking you to take them in,
To love, and feed, and mend them.
They’ll come to you like wandering sheep.
I’m asking you to tend them;
To bind their wounds, to feed their souls,
And, in My Name, to mend them.
Men and women, black and white,
Young and old… befriend them.
I’ll give you all the grace you need,
The strength and power to mend them.
And I will take their broken pieces
In My hands, and blend them
To make them vessels for My use
Because you helped to mend them.
“He said to him again a second time, ‘Simon… do you love Me?’
He said to Him, ‘Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.’
He said to him, ‘Tend My sheep.’”
John 21:16 NKJV
©Lisa DeVinney, October 2015
Inspired by Perry Jones’ words at the 2015 Capital City Rescue Mission
Annual Banquet and Silent Auction, October 20, 2015

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