An Empty Chair on Father’s Day

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

For my friends who are missing their dads  
and husbands this Father’s Day
It’s nearly Father’s Day, and I
Glance toward his empty chair
And close my eyes, imagining
He once again is there.
I hear that old, familiar voice.
I see his crooked smile.
And tears begin to trickle as
I linger there, awhile.
I would not wish him back, for I
Know he’s at Home with You.
But Lord, You know I miss him so…
It’s hard to make it through
This day when others celebrate
The daddies in their lives.
I feel as if a glimpse of him
Would help me just survive.
Then Lord, You gently gather me
In Your own sweet embrace,
Reminding me that You are here
To lend Your strength and grace;
To be a Husband and a Father
Till You bring me Home
Where I’ll be held by both of you –
Never again alone.
But until then, please hug him tight
And whisper tenderly
This message: Happy Father’s Day…
I miss you so. Love, me.
“God in His holy dwelling is
a father of the fatherless
and a champion of widows.”
Psalm 68:5 HCSB
©Lisa DeVinney, June 2015

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