Fishin’ in the River of Life

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in poetry

[for my friend, Jenny Wren, who inspired this poem,
and joined her brother Johnny, this past year,
for their forever fishing trip with Jesus in Heaven]
Sittin’ with our simple, little pails and fishin’ poles,
fishin’ in this ole river of life;
waitin’ for whatever our good Lord would send down-stream,
coolin’ off our worries in its tide.
Sittin’ here, just me and Johnny, baskin’ in the sun,
list’nin’ to the whisper of the wind;
thinkin’ we see Jesus sittin’ on the other shore,
smilin’ and a-wavin’ right at Him.
Sure enough, He’s smilin’ back so tender, warm and sweet;
winkin’, like He knows what’s on our minds.
What a time we spend here by this ole river of life,
storin’ up the blessin’s that we find.
While we been a-sittin’ here, just fishin’ in the stream,
peace, and joy, and love been flowin’ by;
so we been a-tossin’ in our lines, and reelin’ in
heaps of blessin’s, as the Lord supplies.
Now, there have been cares and worries floatin’ by here, too.
We just toss ‘em back and let ‘em go.
And when floods bring tests and trials, we just look on up,
rememberin’ how our Jesus loves us so.
And, of course, He’s right here with us, when the waters rise;
sometimes wadin’ in, and comin’ o’er;
makin’ sure we’re still a-trustin’, lookin’ for His hand
that’ll take us safely back to shore.
So we’ll just keep fishin’ in this ole river of life,
knowin’ that whatever comes our way
is exactly what The Lord has planned for us to catch,
seein’ that we’re fishin’ here, today.   
© Lisa DeVinney, May 2009

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