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Welcome to Lifting My Eyes!  I'm so glad
you've stopped by. Lifting MyEyes is a
website full of encouraging, inspirational
poetry and Scripture. You can search for
poems and Bible verses by topic from the
menu on the right, or from the "Poetry For
Such a Time as This" tab at the top.
You can also search by Scripture verse
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I hope you'll stop by often, and that you'll
be blessed by what you read.         ~ Lisa



Meet Lisa

Written by Lisa DeVinney on . Posted in general

bio photoWelcome to Lifting My Eyes!  I'm so glad you've stopped by, and I hope you'll be blessed by what you read.

I'm Lisa (Kesinger) DeVinney - wife to Dan, mom to 5 boys, 1 girl, and a Great Pyrenees, pastor's kid, and daughter of The King.  And I guess I'm somewhat of a writer, too. 

I certainly didn't start out that way.  My plan was to be a math teacher, and I had no interest in writing...especially poetry.  After high school, I headed to Houghton College to pursue a math degree.  But there's a verse in Scripture that goes like this, "'For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,' says the Lord."  (Isaiah 55:8 NKJV)  

So instead of getting my degree, I left school and got married.  Then spent the next 18 years being a wife and mom, baseball scorekeeper and multi-sport team photographer. 

But in 2007, God began to do something new in my life.  As I would read Scripture and do my Bible study homework, answers started coming to me in rhymes.  And I wrote them down.  And wrote.  And wrote.  Until now, several years later, I have stacks and files of poems filling my house and my computer.  

I was also writing Sunday School lessons for a website called World Sunday School .  Bruce Cook, the site administrator, asked if I'd be interested in compiling the lessons into a book which he could publish.  Together we put together two volumes of Sunday School lessons, Sunday School Lessons 2010 and Great Men and Women of the Bible.  But my greater passion had become inspirational poetry. 

So with a great deal of encouragement from friends and family, and with the help of my publisher, Bruce Cook, I compiled some of the poems into a daily devotional book entitled I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes.  It is my hope that more volumes will follow, as I long to share more of the words the Lord has laid on my heart.  But in the meantime, Lifting My Eyes is a place you can come to find many of these poems right at your fingertips.  

You will find them organized by topic, so they will be easy to find when you need a word of encouragement, hope, or just to add a smile to your day.  

I hope you will stop by often, and let me know you were here, and whether the poetry spoke to your heart.  I consider it a blessing to be able to share with you this gift the Lord is sharing with me.  God Bless!